We Manage I.T is proud to support a number of local charities and organisations with the aim of benefiting our local community. In 2013 we have supported the following:

Australian Masters Games 2013

Over 8,800 people from across Australia and overseas are expected to converge on Geelong for this week-long event. Participants will come from all walks of life - the only criteria is that they must meet the age criteria (in most sports this is 30 years and over, although the minimum age may vary in a couple of sports).

We are excited to get behind this event as it promotes healthy lifestyle choices and it also provides a big boost to the Geelong Area during the event.

Give Where You Live

Give Where You Live is Geelong’s leading philanthropic organisation working to alleviate disadvantage within the Geelong community - to Build a Better Geelong.

Give Where You Live has been helping to reduce disadvantage since 1954 and is committed to creating a more compassionate and productive society throughout Geelong. Give Where You Live provides leadership to create a caring Geelong and regional community in which all people are able to reach their full potential and not be constrained by health, education or income disadvantage.

We Manage I.T. is a founding member of the Give Where You Live program, an iniative to get local Geelong businesses involved in supporting the community.