Thin Clients

We Manage I.T. has the skills and experience to deliver a complete range of Thin Client solutions, from a small home office setup to a fully integrated hosted server farm.

A thin Client solution removes the hassle of managing, updating and supporting the PC's in your organisation and is great for remote or mobile workers. With a Thin Client infrastructure all of the processing, storage, management and security are done on the server. The user accesses the server via their computer, laptop or smart phone and the server takes care of the rest.

Reduced TCO

The total cost of ownership with a Thin Client solution is reduced because centralising applications and storage allows your users as much or as little flexibility as their job requires. Thin Client solutions add a real return on investment by increasing the life of desktop hardware. This is achieved as all processing occurs on the server and local hardware is not as critical to the end user experience.

Reduction in support costs and complexity

Time wasted on software faults, user errors, mechanical failure and improper activity are all reduced. Application upgrades are simply done at one location on the server, giving all users immediate access to that upgrade without the need for complex roll out scenarios. Thin Clients allow you to gain a tighter control over your network, unlike a PC it is not open to any tampering.

Simplified deployment

With a Thin Client solution, you are able to easily and rapidly expand the number of users on your systems. Adding a new user to your network becomes simplified, and the costs involved in adding these users is reduced significantly compared to a traditional computing network.

A solution to fit your needs

We Manage I.T. specialises in designing and delivering total solutions for our customers that fits both their immediate and long term needs. As there are different ways in which a Thin Client network can be deployed, we can work with you to design and deploy a solution that fits your needs.