Your server is the core and the powerhouse of your computer network. Typically all of your files, email and other critical information is stored on this device and is used to power your business. Due to the criticality of this device to the entire operations of your business, it is essential that the correct server is chosen to provide that performance and reliability, without the bank-breaking bells and whistles that you may not need.

We Manage I.T. build our server solutions by hand using the Intel Validated Server Model to deliver all of these objectives for our clients. By using Intel Server Solutions we are able to construct a high performance server system that we guarantee will go the distance for your business.

By using only tried and tested components, we are confident that we can construct a server solution that is tailor made for your business and to your budget.

Different Servers for Different Roles

Unlike other I.T. companies (we won't name them – but they know who they are!) we don't try to sell our clients a 'one size fits all product' – because it doesn't!

After carefully evaluating your exact requirements, we will design your individual server system. Whether you need an entry level Small Business Server or an enterprise grade Virtualisation system – we will deliver the right solution at the right price.

3 Year Warranty

As we only use parts that we know and trust in our server solutions, we are able to offer a fantastic 3 year (minimum) warranty for parts and labour on all server solutions. Warranty upgrades are also available for that added peace of mind for your new investment.