Remote Access

Giving the workforce access to the internal company IT infrastructure while they are away from the office is useful and often critical to an organisations operational success. It is easy to see how an employee who can gain access to their information, applications and data while out of the office will be more productive to the organisation.

We Manage IT has the experience to deliver mobility to your employees which is secure, reliable, resilient, cost effective and easy to use. These solutions allow your workforce to be productive regardless of whether they are working from home, at an internet café or on the road. There should be no reason why they can't access your IT systems wherever they are in the world and be productive for your business.

There is a whole range of mobility solutions and We Manage IT specialise in them all. Here are just a few examples of what we can offer:


As with all business systems you need to have absolute control over what remote workers can access while they are away from the office, so as not to compromise the integrity of your organisation. We Manage IT analyse your exact requirements and build a solution that best fits the needs of your organisation.